Frequently asked questions

We migrate all of clients’ apps and databases to our servers and provide thme Thin Client access to their server. Users will be able to connect from any platform to their server.

Charge is based on server specification and concurrent sessions to the server. We have fixed prices or customize the servers based on user needs. 

We can customize user access level and grant some certain apps to particular users or all users. 

Using Ccpro online portal, simply choose a recovery point and target system.

Restore files or folders by selecting them, or use bare metal restore to recover an entire server. 

Minimising the risks to availability, integrity and confidentiality of your services and client data.

We will work with you to identify appropriate risks and our solutions include redundant systems, firewalls, ransonware,

access control and encryption.

Any application that will be accessed by single or multiple users from multiple locations.

Cloud servers can be configured to provide levels of performance, security and control.

Visit our website and leave your details, and we will get in touch asap.

For questions, contact the IT Services team ([email protected]).

Yes, online training is available if required.


There are two options:

You can allocate a virtual machine in the cloud, install your favorite database on it, and operate it as if you were operating a database server that you own.

You can also simply pay for a database-as-a-service and dispense with worrying about the underlying machine, operating system or installation of a data base management system.

Both options have supporting arguments and we can help you decide which path is best for you.

If your local desktop PC is able to run a browser like Chrome or Firefox, it will not need to be replaced. You will be accessing services in your web browser, and all the computing happens at Google. Your PC still needs to be monitored, managed and protected against viruses

Multiple users can access services from multiple locations, for example five internal admin staff and three external sales staff. It does depends on your solution, however in most cases all Apple and Android devices can access the service through secure SSL connections.